Leadership doesn't require talent, just commitment.

We admire those people who demonstrate the traits of natural leadership; those who can move groups with their poise and presence. Part of why we admire these people so much is because it seems so rare, so hard to succeed in doing what they do.

It can be intimidating to be in charge. We don’t always choose that responsibility. That doesn't mean we can't chose to excel.

For those people who are called to serve, excelling is all about study and thought, not about god-given talent (or lack thereof).

I’ve been there. My passions and interest in making a difference has put me in a position where I needed the help of others, and had to guide them toward common goals. It really doesn’t matter what you are setting out to do – sound practices make the journey easier.

I found that thinking about what it meant to be a manager, and reading and studying the best practices of accomplished leaders, I could develop skills that would carry me toward my goals, and the goals of my team.

Studying organizational development, team building and communication develops skills that make better, more efficient teams. I hope some of the resources that I have grown to respect and develop will help you as well.

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